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Welcome to Making Art

We are devoted to encouraging you to make art.

When you make art you are an artist.

It's as simple as that. Nobody has to approve it, you don't need to be cool or to have a degree. If you make art you are an artist.

Making Art is about helping you to acknowledge your own ideas and to use them to make art. We help you to build a genuine creative practice, until art making becomes a regular part of your life.

About Making Art

My name is Nick Lee and I believe that art making is for anyone, not just for a chosen few. Trained or untrained, any medium. Every age, every nationality, every gender and cool or uncool people. What's important to me is the process of making art, the enjoyment of it. For some artists it's the constant pull of each new idea growing in our mind, for others it's the mastery of a particular medium.

The current focus of art in Western media is galleries and curators, with their star artists like pop stars. but I don't believe they are a true refelction of the art world.

The true art world exists in the hearts of the millions of artists all over the planet who make art for the love of it.

I think the best environment for making is a non judgemental one. On our Making Art Blog we encourgae you to make art and bring creativity into your everyday life.

Nick Lee

The Artist


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