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Having Ideas

Ideas for art start as tiny notions, as little specks of gold amongst the sand.

Most of us don't hear the ideas we have. We let them drift away unremembered.

Hearing your own ideas

When you see an amazing artwork do you think the idea came to the artist like a hurricane in the night? Or was it just a little hint? A tiny notion? Sometimes an idea comes almost complete but often that amazing idea started off pretty small.

An artist can work from an idea that is just a tickle, a whisper. You have to listen pretty carefully to your own ideas to hear them.

Any small thought can be the germ of a good idea. Just let your mind float along with the idea, taking twists and turns, letting it go where it wants.

You start by opening up, letting ideas in. Don’t limit yourself. Don't censor your thoughts or judge their quality as you have them.

Ideas are little possiblities, that form the potential to become artworks.


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