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Come and join me at a workshop

I'm running a workshop on how to have ideas for making art.

I am running a workshop at Frontyard in Marrickville in Sydney's inner west on Novemeber 26 from 1-4pm.

The workshop is called - How to have ideas for making art

Have you ever wanted to make some art but didn't know what to make? Have you sat in front of a blank piece of paper and not known where to start? Come to this workshop with and find out how you can use your creativity to access the ideas you have hiding inside you.

Ideas for making art start as tiny notions, not fully fledged plans. At the workshop, we will go through the process detailed in the book I writing about having ideas for artmaking.

You will leave the workshop with a small list of your own original ideas and an understanding of how to continue the process in the future. Each guest will receive a small notebook from Nick Lee.

More information and ticket enquiries at www.frontyardprojects.org/events/

What will we do in the workshop?

You will be lead gently though the process of understanding;

  1. What creativity is and how to re-awaken it
  2. Where ideas come from
  3. The concept that ideas comes to us as tiny specks, not fully fledged plans
  4. How to hear and capture your own ideas
  5. Different ways to generate ideas
  6. How to choose an idea to make
Helping you to visualize, work through, plan and ultimately manifest your ideas as artworks.

Who is the workshop for?

  1. It's for anyone drawn to the idea of being an artist, but who does not know where to begin
  2. It's for people who are already making art but who sometimes have trouble knowing what they want to make

The workshop is suitable for all mediums, and skill levels.


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